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Why Urban Farming Does Not Need an IPO to Grow — Yet

Innovation in food production is vital, as experts predict needing 50% increase to feed the world’s population by 2050. Food and agriculture startups raised $20 billion in 2019, a 250% increase over the last five years — and that was before COVID-19 increased demand for locally sourced food, especially in cities, and reduced the number of workers available to harvest farm crops.

Pandemic-Fueled Digitization Creates New Cybersecurity Risks—and an Opportunity for Infosec Firms

The cybersecurity industry is experiencing record growth thanks to the host of needs and concerns raised by the sudden work-from-home transition during the coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines; 40% of companies named IT security as their top post-COVID priority. Before the pandemic, the market was already worth over $115 billion; now, it is projected to nearly double by 2021.


The Next Generation of Investors Sees Wealth Differently

The next generation of investors are not just building or inheriting wealth. They’re rethinking old standards that prioritize the bottom line over society and sustainability, and they’re pushing the global investment community to join them. Financial institutions can either add to the momentum or be left behind.


These Groups Are Trying to Make Investing More Sustainable, and It’s Not Going to Be Easy

A growing number of investors want to put their money behind enterprises that have measurable, positive impact on the environment, workers, women’s rights, and other issues. The problem? There is no standard way to measure and report the impact of an enterprise.


The Flexible, Digital, Future of Work That Investors Should Pay Attention To

As businesses around the world begin cautiously reopening, those that survive COVID-19 intact may have an opportunity to imagine a more flexible, tech-savvy, and creative workplace.


The World is in Crisis, and We Can Help

NxTSTOP is a sustainably-produced travel attire brand that has shifted its supply chain to manufacture affordable and reusable face masks in response to the pandemic.


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