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A family man with boundless vision

S.P. Hinduja is the eldest member and patriarch of the Hinduja Family, and Chairman of Hinduja Group – one of the most successful and diversified family businesses in the modern world. With a heritage rooted in the Indus Valley civilization, S.P. brings the Vedic principles, derived from Nature itself, to both his family and his business life, and together these embody his purpose, his dharma: “work to give”.

S.P. joined his father’s trading business at the age of 18 and helped to expand operations along the Silk Road. Throughout his life, S.P. has taken bold entrepreneurial steps to build economically sustainable businesses and develop initiatives for greater multicultural understanding that serves communities globally.

Over the years he has founded global businesses, including two banks, acquired numerous companies and has created a renowned family business architecture. S.P. has broken barriers to bring cultures together in truly unique ways by advising world leaders, bringing Indian culture to the world through cinema and creating unprecedented gateways between the US, UK and India. It is this legacy that is supported by his wife Madhu, and is upheld by his daughter Shanu and Vinoo, and his grandchildren Karam and Lavanya, who work to uphold his principles and extend his purpose to new frontiers. S.P. Hinduja is a family man who works toward greater alignment with the laws of nature that govern our existence, which inform the principles he brings to both his life and his work for the betterment of Humankind.

Srichand Parmanand Hinduja

Founder & Chairman Emeritus

Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) LTD


Hinduja Group

founder & chairman emiratus

IndusInd Bank LTD




We believe that our purpose, our dharma, is to advance the state of Humankind: Bringing greater opportunity, dignity and inspiration to all people. This is a principle that guides us as a family and as an institution, staying constant and remaining at the core of our actions.


A family-owned Swiss Bank with Indian roots

Hinduja Bank is an innovative Swiss bank with roots in India, offering wealth management and investment advisory services to entrepreneurial clients. We partner with clients to create exponential economic and social impact, as our family has aspired to do for over 100 years.
Founded in Geneva in 1994 by Srichand Parmanand Hinduja with a vision to provide clients with a bridge between East and West, our institution remains the only Indian-owned Swiss bank in history. With an active presence in Switzerland, India, UAE and the UK, Hinduja Bank offers its clients the reliability of Swiss regulatory oversight, while providing specialized access to high-growth markets.

We are private bank with an entrepreneurial spirit, embracing collective action and building creative solutions that advance the world, economically and socially.

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